Reasons why you should use a Recruitment agency

What are the advantages of using an agency?

Believe it or not, employee recruitment as we know it today came about as a product of World War 2, gaps were left in the workplace after men were called to service. After the war had finished, professional job recruiters continued to find work for returning soldiers!

The role of the recruiter in the business world is pivotal. Whatever your opinion or thoughts on recruitment agencies, it is fair to say that we have earned our place on the market, proving ourselves to be useful and in some cases vital to larger companies. 

2020, the year of uncertainty, saw a huge rise in un-employment, which in turn saw job positions receive thousands of applicants from desperate candidates. Businesses were facing a new problem; identifying talent in an overcrowded market. 

In a candidate driven market, specialist recruitment agencies are needed now more than ever!

So what are the advantages of using an agency?

Recruitment agencies save you time, it is our job to sift through job sites and applications so you as a client don’t drown in CV’s. Time ultimately spent better elsewhere. 

Not only do recruiters save you time, but we can find the higher quality candidates, we have access to a vast talent pool of pre-screened professionals and we are experts at assessing skills and interviewing, after all it is what we do!

Industry knowledge is power!

Recruitment agencies are market experts in their industry, we know the market inside-out, along with being pro’s at communication and building relationships. Great recruiters will become partners and collaborators, essentially becoming your ears and eyes of the market. 

 working together to find job roles

Likewise, if you are on the hunt for a job, a Recruitment agency is going to work their socks off to place you in one, we often hear of opportunities before Joe Public and here at Wick Hollow we have always got your best interests at heart.

Working as a recruiter is highly fulfilling!

Spending your days constantly bringing people together and interacting and meeting new people is always satisfying. 

It is a great feeling to help a business find their next team member and help a candidate find a job they love.

At Wick Hollow we pride ourselves on our long lasting relationships with clients and candidates, wether you are looking for your next project or the next addition to your team, we can help!

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