5 ways to progress in your career

It is not uncommon to feel stuck in your career, even the most exciting jobs in the world can become monotonous over time, this can lead to a desire to move forward, face new challenges, or maybe you just want to earn more money.

One of the biggest obstacles for career progression is confidence. Finding the confidence to go after something, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a huge challenge for lots of people, but once you realise that anything is possible if you work hard enough for it, that career jump is yours!

Confidence is key to progression, being confident enough to ask for what you want, wether it be a promotion or a pay rise and believing in yourself really is the foundation of how to progress in your career.


What jobs are you qualified for? What jobs would you like to qualify for? 

To progress in your career, you need to know what it is you actually want to progress to. If this involves more training, how can you go about this? 

If you are employed, speak to your employer, your role may be able to evolve, progression isn’t always about moving up, sometimes it can be fanning out. 

CPD. Continuing Professional Development is a commitment to ongoing lifelong learning, this will make you stand out to your employer or potential employers, they will see you as someone seriously taking steps to progress professionally. Individuals that are keen to stay up to date with continued development in their industry or profession are likely to be ahead of their game.

Asking for help can be daunting but remember that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Speak to other professionals in your field, networking is vital to growing your personal brand, remember it’s often not what you know, but who you know! 

Speak to recruitment specialists, they can advise you on job roles in demand in your chosen industry, or help you with a placement in a new role which has scope for career progression. 

Persistence pays. Do not give up. Being single minded about what you want should keep your focus and make things more achievable. 

Set goals, write them down, hold yourself accountable, this energy will draw you towards the people and events needed to help you achieve!

‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’ 

By turning all of these actions into your career strategy you are building a door for opportunity. 

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Sam Daltrey @ Wick Hollow.