Somerset is an amazing county in South West England.

Home to the famous Glastonbury festival, Cheddar cheese and of course cider. It is also where Wick Hollow is based! Although we work nationally Somerset is where our heart is, here are a few things we love about the county where our head office is based.

Somerset is famous for its cider farms and cheese. There are 400 different varieties of cider apple grown in our area. Due to the soil condition and climate, Somerset is a perfect home for apple cultivation. We might be biased but this leads to some of the tastiest cider in the world! The most famous cheese originates from a small village called Cheddar which is also home to the famous Cheddar Gorge a natural tourist attraction for the county.

Along with Cheddar Gorge, Somerset is renowned for its natural beauty and rural charm. Including places such as Exmoor a national park in the west of Somerset which inhabits Exmoor ponies a horse breed native to the British Isles who roam freely across the land. They are believed to have lived there for tens of thousands of years!

Somerset is also home to Glastonbury Tor a very significant landmark. It’s mystery, spiritual significance and of course, the fact it can be scene for miles around make it one of the most famous landmarks in the country.

Unfortunately these places have been harder to reach, due to certain necessary Covid-19 restrictions on travel. We hope to see the beautiful land being enjoyed by everyone again this summer! Although these restrictions in place, we have found our workforce quickly adapting and still committing to our sites in rural locations.

If you are looking for construction work in rural or city locations please give our office a call to find our how we can help.

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