Wick Hollow is a construction recruitment agency

We are a construction recruitment agency with honesty, reliability and efficiency at the heart of our core values.

We provide skilled tradesmen and women, nationwide, working on temporary and permanent construction contracts. Our personable service allows and ensures long-lasting relationships with our clients and customers. This helps us fully understand their needs and what is important to them, during the hiring process.

Health and Safety is one of our biggest priorities. We promise to ensure all our candidates meet our client’s requirements before entering their projects. We take this seriously and provide free health and safety training, including face fitting to not only help take responsibility but ensure accredited qualifications back to today’s workforce.

Why choose us?

Our personal and ethical approach means that not only are you receiving the highest service level, but also have a recruiter you can rely on.

Our core value is to build long-lasting relationships with our valued clients and candidates. Whether you are looking for your next project or looking for the next addition to your team, we can help.

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Matt and Chris O'Grady

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