Being environmentally friendly ensures consciousness of our planet and how our individual or global actions effect it. It involves making decisions to have a more positive impact on our environment and reducing any negative repercussions.

Our understanding of our effects on the environment has risen in recent years. There have been many movements to change our own individual impacts towards the environment, ranging from changes as simple as not using plastic straws to buying second hand clothes.

Simple ways to be more environmentally friendly:

– Recycling/ upcycling
– Not using as much single use plastic
– Taking a reusable bag shopping
– Buying you own water bottle or coffee cup
– Buying loose fruit and veg instead of packaging
-Walking places instead of driving when possible
-Buying second hand clothes instead of fast fashion
– Using electricity Wisely
– Using environmentally friendly cleaning products
– Being more mindful of paper use

Whilst individual efforts are key its also up to businesses to do their part. It is incredibly important for businesses to be more aware of their impact on the environment. The first step is understanding how a business is effecting the environment

Certain things to consider include:

– Pollution emission
– Using more environmentally friendly products
– Using electricity wisely
– Disposal of any waste

Here at Wick Hollow, we are taking steps to become more aware of our impact on the environment.

One way we are doing this is our use of environmentally friendly materials, lack of plastic consumption and our use of recycled paper.

We have recently switched plastic bags to a more sustainable material, sugar cane! This is a better alternative than using single use plastic. Sugar cane is a by-product from another industry, therefore using this prevents it from being wasted.
We are also making efforts to use electronic timesheets to reduce our paper use and using recycled materials where we can for our merchandise.