Meet the Team at Wick Hollow


Managing Director Wick Hollow

In February of 2019, after working in recruitment for nearly five years and as a maintenance engineer for ten years, I decided to start a new journey with Wick Hollow. The purpose of starting a new venture was to challenge the status quo and provide a better service than the competition was/is.

The core foundation I wanted to achieve, and we have achieved and stick by today, is building long lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Changing the customers persona of recruitment by providing a high quality, trustable service. Our customers will always come first.


Director Wick Hollow

My role here at Wick Hollow is focused on working behind the scenes on training our customers in health & safety, and ensuring they meet legislation, so they can start their suited role as soon as possible, and to protect our clients.

My other main role is making sure we are working to meet all targets and performance goals we set ourselves each month.

Maintaining relationships with our customers and clients is one of our main priorities. We strive on being knowledgeable, and passionate, meaning our clients and candidates can truly rely on our support.

My most recent role I’ve taken on is securing permanent roles for our clients and customers. – If you’re looking for a career in construction, or need to recruit workers – visit our trades page or call us to discuss your needs.