Why we need more women to choose Construction

Women are an invaluable asset to any work place, so why is there such a shortage of women in Construction industry roles?

The Construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy, but only 14% of industry professionals are women and a staggering 99% of workers on a building site are estimated to be male! 

We are living in a modern age with very out dated and non-inclusive practices in the industry.

From a young age we are used to gender stereotypes, boys dress in blue and play with building blocks and diggers: whilst girls dress in pink and play ‘house’ with dolls, we grow up understanding and accepting a world of gender divide, men have manual or managerial roles and women clerical or domestic. 

It is very possible that our career choices are subtly socially constructed and shaped from a very young age.

Construction is facing a serious skills shortage though, the workforce is ageing, fewer young people are opting for a career in the industry, by 2025 the industry will need to recruit an additional 217,000 new workers just to meet demand. 

Women can help bridge this skills gap.

Women as a demographic are a largely untapped well, recruiting, training and supporting them into the industry is a critical part of the solution, especially when 41% of the current workforce is estimated to retire by 2031!

More women in construction can only be beneficial also, scientifically women’s brains are wired differently, another perspective on problem solving and organisation can only be a great thing for the industry right? 

Together we create

“Diversity drives innovation”

We need to inspire more women to work in the industry, we need to see the gender pay divide evened out and we need women to pick up a hammer and start smashing the gender stereotyping.

If the role sounds like a good fit for you, apply! 

Will you be next to help break the gender mould? 

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