Sustainable Christmas Guide

Every year our team aim to be more sustainable, giving gifts to loved ones at Christmas is one of our favourite parts of the holiday season but how can we do this guilt free? 

The most obvious answer is to avoid gifts made of plastic, those that are single use and those known to damage the environment. 

What are some eco-friendly Christmas gifts?

There are now hundreds of companies selling environmentally friendly, sustainable and mostly unique great gifts, and I am not just talking about bamboo toothbrushes and natural deodorant! 


For the tea lovers in your life, Bird and Blend Tea co. have put together a great range of eco-friendly tea based hampers. Bird and Blend are an independent company, set up and run by a small team with a family ethos. Everything about this company is wholesome, making purchasing from them a very guilt free experience. Their gifts range from secret Santa budget conscious to a more luxury affair, lots handmade and hand assembled in the UK!

Hemp gifts

The hemp plant has low carbon emissions, is biodegradable and purifies our air, so it is no surprise it has become such a popular material and ingredient for the eco-conscious.

The Hemp shop sells a range of unique gifts from sustainable soaps and winter warmers to eco-munchies!

Wine with a difference 

Did you know that sea horses could be extinct in 30 years due to plastic pollution? Sea Change Wine are trying to change that though with their Provence Rose´ every bottle sold helps fund ocean conservation projects, definitely a win-win in our opinion!

Gift of Giving

Probably the most guilt free on our present list is a Unicef charity gift, give the gift of giving to those less fortunate. At a seasonal time mid-pandemic when we know times are harder than ever for some, what better way to show your loved ones you love them, than helping others in their name? Gifts range from survival boxes to the more generous water pumps for schools and communities in developing countries. 

Sustainable jewellery 

Yala Jewellery creates handmade sustainable jewellery from recycled materials in collaboration with talented artists in Kenya. 

Their jewellery not only looks absolutely incredible and one hundred percent original, but it has the added value of knowing that your purchase is directly empowering the women of the Maasai tribe, whilst having zero negative impact on the environment. I highly recommend checking them out.

How else can we have a more eco-friendly Christmas?

With Cop 26 still pretty fresh in our minds, we know we should try extend our sustainability further than just presents this year, wrapping paper has become a huge problem for the environment, not only is it largely single use, but approximately 50,000 trees in the UK are used to make the 8,250 tonnes of paper consumed at Christmas. 

An alternative solution people could try is re-usable fabric bags or newspaper, eco-friendly wrapping paper is also available, although if you have lots of presents to wrap this could be costly!

eco Christmas hamper

One of the worst offenders at Christmas time is the traditional Christmas cracker, not only do they come with lots of excess packaging which is largely un-recyclable, but the toys are, lets be honest, mainly single-use tat. There are plenty of businesses now producing re-usable and recyclable cracker alternatives, or even better make your own! 

Here at Wick Hollow we are dreaming of a green Christmas, let’s all contribute to a smaller carbon footprint, Merry Christmas!!


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